Financial Literacy Services

Considering Home Ownership? Need help understanding your credit? Del Norte’s Housing Counseling team can provide one-on-one assistance with credit counseling! Topics include:

Personal Finance
Budgeting – Creating a budget, strategies to build a simple budget, paying off debt, and core habits to maintain financial health
Credit Scores & Reports – What a credit score is, its importance, reading a credit report, maintaining a healthy credit score, and rebuilding bad credit.
Debt Management– Create a personal plan to manage your debt by using strategies such as loan consolidation, budgeting and debt management plans.
Identity Theft & Fraud – How to protect yourself from identity theft, understanding what information is at risk and red flags to watch out for with regard to common scams.

Home Ownership
Considering Home Ownership – Buying a home & the financial preparation required, factors that can affect loan eligibility, mortgage options, and estimating affordability.
Understanding Mortgages – How to budget for a mortgage, understanding the application process, the options, and the costs associated with getting a mortgage.

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